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Youth providers in Spartanburg are vital to the success of Spartanburg’s youth outcomes. Connect promotes the importance of all youth providers operating in adolescent friendly provision of care for teens with strong collaboration between partners for authentically connected referrals. Take advantage of Connect resources to build your capacity in serving teens.  

Connect’s definition for Quality Care

Adolescent friendly care is provided

Adolescent friendly is defined as services that are respectful and confidentiality is protected.  Agencies in the Connect referral network should be trained in trauma informed care, mandated reporting and positive youth development.  



Accessibility of Services

Adolescent friendly to Spartanburg youth including services offered in a safe, supportive environment and transportation solutions are strategized with supportive staff, as necessary.   


Create a safe, warm and enriching space

Provide an attractive and safe environment to engage adolescents in positive activities and health relationships with peers.  Create stability and consistency with well trained staff, age appropriate programs and safe and secure settings.  Train staff working with youth in Positive Youth Development via in-person training provided by Mary Black Foundation or webinar below.  Provide access and awareness of enriching spaces throughout the community and opportunities for healthy relationship training. 



Help youth connect to supportive adults, positive peers, schools and the community

In providing programs and services, youth are encouraged to connect with supportive adults such as program leaders, coaches, tutors, or mentors as well as peers who can be mentors.  When a youth can’t identify positive supportive adults/peers or is not involved in programming that supports healthy connections, refer youth into youth development programming through the Connect referral system.  Agencies should explore referral policies and remove barriers for teens in seeking services.  Agencies that screen teens for services should include confidential sexual health screening measures and refer youth in need of sexual health care clinical services and programs.



Be another set of eyes and provide a listening ear

Keep a lookout for how adolescents are doing in terms of their health and healthy development.  Reach out and Connect teens to community resources that can help.  Maintain confidentiality within legal guidance.



Share local health resources with youth

Identify health resources through the Connect referral system and share with your adolescents.  Encourage and highlight the importance of wellness visits, vaccinations, dental health and make sure teens know about suicide and other help lines. Provide information to teens on minor’s consent when making family planning referrals (pdf available in referral system).  Remember Spartanburg has two premiere adolescent health providers; The Point Teen Health Center and ReGenesis Teen Center.



Teach youth about staying healthy and safe

Offer special sessions about health and healthy development by requesting a group session through the Connect referral system. Sexual Health, Accessing Healthcare, Dating Violence, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Teen Pregnancy Prevention and more topics are available in the referral system.  



Meets their needs

As Maslow defined meeting ones basic needs must be met in order for one to strive for constant betterment.  Our youth need support to have their basic needs met before they can reach their full potential.   Formal and informal partners of connect have committed to working with youth throughout adolescents to continue to “plug” them into programming that meets their needs.  Streamlining care and authentically connecting youth to the services they “need” not just want the agency may provide.



Treat teens with respect and dignity

Identify ways to engage youth in a meaningful way.  Be transparent in services offered.  Services are clearly explained and offered in a timely manner.  If it will take more than two weeks to enroll the youth into services, the agencies will remain in contact with the youth until the enrollment period. 


Engage Youth in Planning and Designing Youth Programs

Programs and/or services offered should support youth engagement approaches within their organizations; youth councils, youth governances, youth serving on boards, youth voice, youth leadership programs, youth advocacy, youth service and/or youth organizing. 



Marketing to Today's Teens

Generation Z is one-of-a-kind! This new group of teens have big dreams, potential to reach a wide audience with their social media platforms, want to change the world, and want to hear and see more positive messaging. However, the average attention span of Gen Z is only 8 seconds long. Understanding Generation Z can help anyone who works with young people. 



No trainings are listed at this time. Please check back later for upcoming opportunities!