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The Mary Black Foundation’s Adolescent Health Initiative, Connect does not work with teens but seeks to ensure teens have the services, supports and opportunities needed to thrive.   Connect utilizes the Think, Act, Grow (TAG) framework from the Office of Adolescent Health to improve the five essential components of adolescent health:  Positive connections with supportive people, Safe and secure places to live, learn, and play, Access to high-quality, teen-friendly healthcare, Opportunities for teens to engage as learners, leaders, team members, and workers and Coordinated, adolescent- and family-centered services, as needed.  

Connect’s role is to ensure high quality, engaging programs are available in Spartanburg to improve health outcomes specifically, preventing teen pregnancy.  Using a social ecological model addressing the various factors affecting sexual health-peers, family and community.  Connect understands and is committed to a holistic nature of working with and supporting adolescents using a Social Ecological Model.  


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