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Partners of Connect are engaged in preventing disparities among teens and young adults by increasing access to seamless services, supports and opportunities that have resulted in holistically healthier individuals. Connect’s collaborative links organizations together with a greater understanding of the collective knowledge and resources for the community. Bringing awareness of adolescent issues, bridging the gap for our most vulnerable and breaking the barriers around stigmatized issues, Connect identifies the needs of Spartanburg teens and develops strategies to improve health outcomes.

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Referral System

This process was created by the Community Advisory Board to ensure follow up and follow through on referrals made through Connect.  Collaboration among agencies is the key to preventing fragmentation. In addition to reducing the likelihood of youth falling through the cracks between unrelated and unconnected agencies, collaboration can foster a more all-inclusive view of the young person. Connect’s referral process will provide access to services, supports and opportunities available for Spartanburg teens.  Any provider in Spartanburg who works with young people is able to participate in referring young people into services.  You will be able to receive follow up in regards to the youth participation and enrollment as identified in the referral.  



Youth providers in Spartanburg are vital to the success of Spartanburg’s youth outcomes.  Connect promotes the importance of all youth providers operating in adolescent friendly provision of care for teens with strong collaboration between partners for authentically connected referrals.  Take advantage of Connect resources to build your capacity in serving teens.  


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Do you work with young people or parents of teens? Would you like materials to hand out that promote Connect? If you said yes, click the button to request materials. Once submitted, we will get the materials to you as soon as possible. 


How Do I Connect?

There are three levels of partnerships with Connect. Find out how you can be involved.


Community Advisory Board (CAB)

Connect’s Community Advisory Board—CAB, is made up of over 30 different youth serving agencies in Spartanburg as well as community advocates who are passionate about adolescent health. The role of CAB is to advise the Office of Adolescent Health Grant housed at the Mary Black Foundation and ensure grant deliverables are meeting expectations of the community. The group uses their experience and knowledge of adolescent services to form recommendations, educate on any barriers and provide solutions for how we can Connect Spartanburg’s adolescents to the highest quality of care.

Current Partners

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