Triple P

Triple P is an online parenting program, but it doesn’t tell you how to parent.  It’s more of a toolbox of ideas to customize what works for you and your family.  Because parents of teenagers have different needs, Triple P has different strategies.  This online tool provides positive parenting strategies to face the challenges of raising responsible teenagers. Get access today!

Contact Angela Talley Robinson or complete the online application

Upstate Family Resource Center

The Upstate Family Resource Center offers a variety of resources and programs for families. Their Family Solutions Program is a 10 week program that involves children (ages 6-18) and their families. This program provides skills to help reduce truancy, improve communication and relationships with parents, reduce problem behaviors, and help youth to realize the importance of their education.

Contact Liv Hayes for more information (864) 578-1379 ext 1607


PASOs is a community based organization housed at the Upstate Family Resource Center that helps the Latino community and service providers work together for strong and healthy families. PASOs provides services in:

  • Child development screenings

  • Reproductive health connections

  • WIC information and appointment assistance

  • Work with Community Health Workers for the entire family to assist with health connections

  • SNAP, Medicaid, and Family Independence Applications

  • Immigration and legal services information

Contact Nora Curiel for more information (864) 578-6013 ext. 1626


Online Resources

Parent Teen Connect

ParentTeen Connect is designed by social-emotional learning experts as an at-home, family-engagement resource. This online experience is loaded with videos, resources, and useful advice to help teens and the adults in their lives address hot-button topics.