What Is Connect?

CONNECT is an initiative of the Mary Black Foundation, funded through the Office of Adolescent Health. CONNECT seeks to promote adolescent friendly services, support, and opportunities throughout Spartanburg. Our goal is positive youth outcomes for all adolescents.



What We Do

CONNECT collaborates with local adolescent youth serving agencies to build capacity and implement evidence based interventions. Through these efforts, we bring awareness of adolescent issues and break down barriers to address the needs of youth. By bridging this gap for Spartanburg's most vulnerable, we can improve the outcomes for our most valuable resource: our teens.




CONNECTions are made with those that want to impact adolescent health outcomes. From health care service providers, schools, faith communities, non-profit organizations, state agencies, law enforcement, and employers to teen advocates and trusted community members. Our partners use CONNECT to help build their capacity for providing seamless adolescent friendly services, support and opportunities to the youth of Spartanburg.