Why Connect?

Today is a great day!  Today, Connect launches an online resource guide for teens, parents and providers in Spartanburg County. 

The providers in Spartanburg County are the best in the state and this site will connect Spartanburg youth to the wonderful services, opportunities and support they provide. Spartanburg’s future as a community will be reflected in what we have invested in the next generation.  

Being a teenager is hard and no teen should feel alone in navigating what we all have been through; defining who we are, what we believe and where are we heading.  Difficult decisions and profound pressure define adolescents; teen pregnancy, STD/HIV, mental health, substance abuse, dating violence, bullying, juvenile crime, educational performance, parental conflict and the list goes on.  Every teen deserves the best Spartanburg has to offer and high quality care is the standard expectation for parents and providers because teens always deserve the best.   Spartanburg is filled with trusted adults who want to help teens navigate these decisions and connect.  

Why Connect?  Connect because the mental, physical and sexual health of our next generation is vital to our success as a community. Connect because you are not willing to accept the status quo but want more for Spartanburg’s youth. Connect because you believe in high quality care and raising the bar for how we serve teens in Spartanburg. Connect today and stay engaged in the wonderful work in Spartanburg County to improve adolescent health.