What is Connect? A Young Person's Perspective

This week’s blog is written by Emily Oliver-Baker, Youth Ambassador for Connect and Student at High Point Academy

What Connect Means

In the short time I have been working with Connect, I have really fallen in love with the initiative. The fact that adults dedicate so much of their time, if not sometimes all of their time, to ensure that our youth has resources for healthy bodies and minds is incredible and incredibly important.

Connect gives the teens of Spartanburg a voice that they often feel is silenced.

How Connect Helps

Being a teenager is scary. We are constantly misunderstood by our adult peers and therefore rarely ask for help. For adolescents, this can be very discouraging. It’s important for young people to feel like someone has their back and that someone, something rather, is Connect. Connect has made it easier for teens to find the resources they need to be happy and healthy. This initiative offers resources for anything our youth could possibly need from help with school or mental health to teen pregnancy or substance abuse prevention.

The Youth Voice

Connect’s Youth Ambassador’s program has been an amazing outlet for me to get to know other teens and learn how much we want to help each other. Adults intimidate us, but so do other teens sometimes and Connect has really done a great job of bringing the youth of Spartanburg together to make it a better, more understanding environment for all of us.

Connect gives the teens of Spartanburg opportunities to be heard and help one another, which is what a community should be all about.