Healthy Futures

This week’s blog is written by Vicki Young with Spartanburg School District 7 and Keith Hill with Spartanburg School District 1

The ultimate goal for Spartanburg’s young people is a healthy future. Spartanburg schools are ensuring their youth achieve healthy futures a variety of ways. One of these mechanisms is a classroom curriculum called Nu-CULTURE. Nu-CULTURE is an age-appropriate, evidence-based program that is currently being taught in many of the middle schools in Spartanburg County. Nu-CULTURE is used to meet the reproductive health requirements of the Comprehensive Health Education Act, that is required by the state of South Carolina.  

The program consists of twenty-four lessons, eight lessons for the sixth, seventh and eighth grades. Each year builds upon the themes of the previous year. Through small group activities, role playing and audiovisual materials, students learn how to make healthy choices that will enable them to reach their goals and dreams. The sessions include the decision-making process, recognizing healthy peer relationships, refusal skills, and learning to set limits. Each lesson empowers students with the information needed to make good choices.

According to Coach Hill, a teacher at Landrum Middle School, “ students need to be confronted with information and strategies, before they are put in tough decision-making positions.  Healthy Futures covers topics that may otherwise slip through the cracks (relationships, internet safety, refusal skills, and handling stress).  These topics, among others, are blended well with the traditional anatomy, contraception, and pregnancy topics.   Our second year with the curriculum has been much better, as experience has improved our lesson delivery.”

Teachers are not the only one’s who enjoy this curriculum. To quote a student who has gone through the Nu-CULTURE program at Landrum Middle School, “ This has been a really good help.  It has help me to understand how our body works and how the decisions I make now will affect you later and Coach Hill is an awesome teacher.”

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