It's Time to RiZe.

RiZe is youth movement. In 2018, a group of teens came together to plan and execute a one-day summit that would educate their peers on social issues and develop action plans for increasing awareness and implementing change. 

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Meet the 2018 Activists

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Bullying: Jaylon Cohen

In collaboration with No Filter, this group will discuss social media campaigns to increase the awareness of bystander impact.

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Raising the Age of Incarceration: Tiraney Petty

In collaboration with the Campaign for Youth Justice and My Brother's Keeper, this committee is working to plan a summit in the fall for the community. 

LGBTQI Supports: Sophie Russell

Working to increase school based Gay-Straight-Alliances and supports in collaboration with Gender Benders. 

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Mental Health Supports: Nic Luedeman and Marisa Boyd

Hosting support groups for teens and their friends to increase awareness of mental health. 

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Police Relations: Xavier McKnight

Increasing opportunities for more community conversation on improving relationships with teens and law enforcement in collaboration with the City of Spartanburg. 

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Drug Use: Asencion Ocampo-Rios and Sydney Sanford

In collaboration with Impact Spartanburg, this group will work on increasing awareness of the impact of drugs on families and individuals through social media and awareness events. 

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Immigration Advocacy: Fernando Baires

In collaboration with the Hispanic Alliance, educating decision makers on the impact of immigration policies on families. 

Meet the 2018 Coordinators

Caroline Wall

Caroline Wall

Zhi Coleman

Zhi Coleman

Amelia Hrebenar

Amelia Hrebenar

2018 RiZe Allies

Pictures from RiZe 2018