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Understanding what is healthy and unhealthy is important now and in the future.  Connect with Spartanburg partners on taking a closer look at making informed choices about dating, partners and healthy relationships. 


Dating Violence


11 - 18


Six sessions that aim to increase participant knowledge and increase likelihood of intervention by bystanders when a potentially harmful or violent situation arises in teen relationships. 


Love Notes


15 - 21


Healthy relationships start with you.  Love Notes builds skills that important for all kinds of relationships. The knowledge, tips and skills in this program will help you be more successful in love, life and work.



Love Is Respect

The ultimate resource to empower youth to prevent and end dating abuse. Call 1-866-331-9474 (1-866-331-8453 TTY) or text "loveis" to 77054. Peer advocates are available to talk 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sex, Etc.


Stay Teen

Free resources like healthy relationship quizzes, advice columns, videos and much more!

NW Network

Call 206-568-7777 for confidential support for LGBTQ survivors of abuse. 

The NW Network of Bi, Trans, Lesbian and Gay Survivors of Abuse works to end violence and abuse by building loving and equitable relationships in our community and across the country.

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